Weight Loss vs Self Care – Why you should ditch the scales.

So we’re all getting over a pretty intense time where weight gain is a common symptom of stress, being out of routine and unable to exercise as usual in the studio while being house bound! How do we move forward in the best way possible if weight loss is a goal? It may have been a long time since you’ve had a successful weight loss plan and with all the information out there it’s very confusing on where to start.

Let’s get back to the basics of realistic and healthy goal setting. To make an athletic or action based goal will often achieve your aesthetics goal.  Eg: to feel comfortable in my Summer wardrobe, I need to increase my activity level & decrease my total calorie intake. We can then break these down into manageable and specific chunks. Now, here’s where many have been taught that the beginning of goal setting is to take measurements, which then means- jump on the scales and/or weigh your food. Both of these methods I have done and will definitely do in the future BUT let’s put things into perspective first.

I’ve touched on possible reasons for weight gain and we all know change doesn’t happen overnight. To turn things around takes a whole lot of honesty, discipline and self-awareness. To put it simply you may need to recruit help to get you to your end goal, and if you’re still establishing the who this will be & what your specific plan is, I’m suggesting that number crunching may do more harm than good initially- set yourself up for success rather than beating yourself up about numbers on the scale which could be reflecting fluid loss and/or muscle gain a common part of the weight loss process.

Firstly change the basics & get your head in a place that cold hard facts of the scales will not de motivate, but rather push you in the direction of success- with the support of a nutritionist and/or trainer highly recommended. We can absolutely fine tune the details of your daily & weekly routine to get you in your pre-quarantine (or even better) level of wellness!

Amanda & Inge are both available for private sessions to help you succeed. Stay tuned for more goal setting and motivational tips coming your way PLUS we will be running seminars & info nights for Members & guests to regularly connect & keep you on track.

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