“After three kids & complications after my last birth, my fitness was as low as it’s ever been. I started with Pilates Reformer & now slot in some Cardio & Yoga classes too. Since starting at Spiritual Athletica I’ve now lost 20 kilos and feel amazing! I also feel as though I’m able to be a role model for my daughters health and fitness to as they love watching my involvement in my new passion- cheerleading, which is something I’ve never had the confidence to do before!” Bec Dunn- Spiritual Athlete.

“After 4 children, I felt exhausted and felt as though I needed to work on my fitness to increase my strength and energy levels. I had been doing F45 regularly but felt as though something was missing. Since starting at Spiritual Ahtletica, I can say I have never enjoyed my fitness more! The classes are fun and challenging, instructors will always help you with technique and the times are varied so I can juggle things at home with my escape of coming into the studio- my recommendation is don’t wait- just get started!!” Sarah, Spiritual Athlete