Amanda’s TOP 3 Tips to Stay Healthy this Winter

  1. Schedule your Training. I book four ‘not negotiable’ sessions a week with one bonus session if I can find time. These sessions can be ANY type of movement- Pilates Reformer, Met Con or Cycle. Like most people time is the deciding factor for me, I book my sessions in on Sundays and really look forward to moving my body- especially if there is another coach to look after me & give me tips on my form & technique.
  2. Increase Water intake. As the weather cools down this can be really challenging! Remember that soups are great way to keep your fluids up & are so easy, nutritious and delicious to eat- definitely a winter staple for me after late nights at the studio. Another amazing winter option is tea! There are so many fabulous flavours, they can really boost your mood and also help you unwind and relax.
  3. Practice Gratitude. This is big one I took away from the COVID restrictions- you can have a gratitude journal or maybe simply taking 5 minutes from your day to meditate, close your eyes & appreciate having your health, family, career or Australian lifestyle. Gratitude is a proven motivational technique as well as adding to your ability to manage stress and manifest abundance.

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